Best Poses and Ideas for College Graduation Photos

A graduation ceremony is an unforgettable event that happens a few times in life. In case you don’t know how to make your photos creative, grab the best poses and ideas from this post.

Throw Graduation Cap

It is the most popular idea for graduation photos around the globe. It is simple and straightforward. Gather all your mates and throw your caps up in the air altogether. Consequently, you will get a photo with a crowd of happy students who finished their education.
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Create Panorama Photo

Capture all the campus in one shot by using the panorama mode. Stand in the center and ask someone to create a panorama photo. As a result, you will get an original picture that you’ll be able to view by using VR-glasses.
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Walk-Up Stairs

It is one of the most widespread ideas for graduation photos. Just walk up by stairs to your campus and ask a photographer to take a lot of shots from different angles. After this, you’ll be able to check the photos and select the best ones.
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Take Portrait Snap

A pose that will always be popular is a portrait with a campus on the background. Use the advantage of modern smartphones and make a portrait photo that adds a blur effect on the background.
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Sit on Stuck of Books

Try to collect a large number of books in a classroom and take engaging shots sitting on them. It is the most creative idea for graduation photos to show that you’ve read a lot of books while studying. Also, you can build a throne from books and make a series of creative shots posing yourself like a queen or a king.

Final Shot

As you can see, there are a lot of great ideas and poses for college graduation photos. Anyway, the number of ideas for shots is merely limitless. Feel free to use your imagination and create original and mind-blowing images that will collect a lot of likes.
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